To obtain higher quality health

When we say “healthy,” most people think of the state of not being sick. Therefore, a health expert is a doctor who cures diseases. But the doctor is a “disease” expert, not a “health” expert.

And in fact, the health we truly seek should not be just health in the sense of “not being sick.”

Mental and physical health is an asset that is necessary to live as oneself. Therefore, it is important to promote health, in other words, to try to obtain better health, instead of saying, “If you are sick, just cure it.” In order to live in your own way, it is necessary not only to achieve a level of health that is OK because you are not sick, but also to acquire high-quality, so-called “first-class” health that is one step ahead of that. is there.

The image of gaining health is easy to understand if it is a sport. This is because sport is about making yourself strong and flexible by training yourself, and demonstrating your own power. However, in fact, everyone needs first-class health in their life and work, just like sports.

What is important to obtain first-class health?

In fact, keeping the state of mind in a “good mood/flow state” is the best way to prevent illness.

* What is a state of good mood? ” A flowy wind blows ~ To live life without regrets ~”

There is an old saying that “Illness starts with mind”. Qi is the state of mind. Therefore, spending time in a good mood and flow state of mind is the best method for disease prevention.

How to extend the length of “health” even a little?

Now that we’ve talked about “quality of health,” let’s look at it from a different perspective.

What influences the length of health, i.e., life expectancy?

These are the three pillars of a person’s own lifestyle: nutrition, rest, and exercise. It’s this lifestyle, but isn’t it fixed for many people? For example, even if you have an unbalanced diet because it’s easy, you won’t change it, you’ll just stay up late, and even if you know you need exercise, you won’t do it. Because I feel comfortable there, I find myself living the same life with the same thoughts before I know it.

However, in order to stay healthy longer, you need to change your lifestyle. At this time, the bottleneck is the “capture” of your own mind. Even if you know in your head that you need to change, if your mind is trapped, it will be difficult to leave because you feel comfortable with “the same as usual.”

Again, it’s important to keep your mind in a “good mood.” A happy state of mind is a state of being unshakable and unbossed.

In other words, by leading your mind to this state, you can change your consciousness to improve your lifestyle. And you can increase the chances of reflecting on behavior change.

By making the state of mind “good mood”, the possibility of lifestyle change for health increases.

In addition, one of the three pillars of a healthy lifestyle, rest, also includes mental management. Mental management is often called stress management, but I believe that mood management is more important for first-class health.

While stress management is a countermeasure against discomfort, mood management is one step ahead of that and leads the mind to flow.

As mentioned above, keeping your mental state in good mood is an extremely important way of life in order to improve your health both qualitatively and quantitatively.

As a sports doctor, I am teaching various people the habits of the brain (this is called life skills) that lead the state of mind to the person who is in a good mood. Develop brain habits for your mind to live the quality of life you will never have again.

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