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What is data analysis in healthcare?

As DX (Digital Transformation) progresses in many industries, data analysis using big data is spreading in the healthcare field as well. In addition to the daily lives of individuals and the medical industry, the health management of employees in companies is also an important factor, as the word “health management” is often used in the news.

In this article, we will explain a wide range of data analysis in healthcare, from the basics to introduction of use cases.

Healthcare data analysis is a survey to extract useful suggestions from the data and make quick and accurate decisions while collecting and processing a lot of data related to healthcare.

For example, overwork has been pointed out by doctors and nurses in the field, and it can be said that the high burden of work has become the norm. With the aging society, the importance of the medical industry will increase more and more, so it can be said that it is important to be able to provide medical services efficiently.

The use of healthcare data is expected to reduce costs for medical institutions, improve operations, and improve treatment methods and care for patients. There are various problems and challenges in medicine, and the analysis of healthcare data will play a role in solving these problems.

Data analysis and trends in healthcare-related businesses

The number of patients with lifestyle-related diseases is increasing due to changes in eating habits and lifestyles. By analyzing big data on patients’ lifestyle habits, the data is used to help prevent the occurrence and recurrence of complications.

In recent years, many companies have been analyzing healthcare data to develop products and create new businesses. For example, a management system application called PHR (Personal Health Record) for personal management of medical and nursing care information is attracting attention.

By linking the data of medical institutions from these systems, it will be possible to receive appropriate guidance from doctors and pharmacists at the time of hospital visits. It may also lead to the promotion of medical care in depopulated areas and home medical care, for which demand is expected to rise further in the future.

Approaching latent layers through healthcare data analysis

Appropriate use of healthcare data will make it possible to approach potential customer segments that could not be developed before.

For example, for individuals with high blood pressure values ​​in healthcare data, it is possible to implement measures to encourage prevention before the disease becomes apparent. By utilizing healthcare data analysis, instead of thinking about health after becoming ill, we can make improvements at an early stage to stay healthy based on changes in numerical values.

5 Cases of Successful Utilization of Data Analysis in the Healthcare Field

1. With Us Co., Ltd.

The first example of successful use of data analysis in the healthcare field is With Us Inc.

By collecting and analyzing blood pressure, pulse, and sleep time data obtained from wearable devices worn on the wrist, arm, head, etc., we provide individual healthcare services and corporate health management services. By being able to continuously measure data that fluctuates depending on health conditions closely related to health, the reliability of the data increases, making it possible to take appropriate measures even if the health condition declines.

In addition to grasping the detailed health status, we are developing a service that alerts you when the condition worsens and allows you to catch information even if you are far away from your family.

2. Social Medical Corporation Susie Koseikai

The second example of successful use of data analysis in the healthcare field is Social Medical Corporation Susie Koseikai.

The patient information sharing system has 25,000 registered patients in Hashima City and Hashima District, Gifu Prefecture, and is used as an information sharing network throughout the medical area in Gifu Prefecture. Gifu’s sweetish Manju was developed based on the analysis of these data, and by using soybean flour, it is possible to consume a lot of protein while suppressing carbohydrates.

A health promotion program was also developed, 102 people participated, and 68% of the people were able to lose weight under the guidance of doctors. It can be said that it is a service that matches the needs of patients that all of them can continue without retiring.

3. Data Horizon Co., Ltd.

The third example of successful utilization of data analysis in the healthcare field is Data Horizon Co. , Ltd.

We support the PDCA cycle, which utilizes medical receipts and specific medical checkup data to implement health projects such as prevention of aggravation of diabetic nephropathy and optimization of frequent consultations, as well as evaluation and review of data health plans. Since 1996, we have been providing information obtained from a large amount of data accumulated since 1996, taking advantage of having a database of information related to medical receipts and medical care. Insurers are also required to analyze healthcare data, but we also undertake outsourcing.

4. Hitachi, Ltd.

Hitachi, Ltd. is the fourth example of successful utilization of data analysis in the healthcare field.

Hitachi, Ltd. (hereafter, Hitachi) entered the medical industry in 1949. We used to mainly sell medical equipment, but in recent years we have expanded our services using AI, IoT, and big data. Particularly noteworthy is the AI ​​hospital announced by the Cabinet Office in June 2018, a concept that uses big data to reduce the burden on the medical field. We aim to provide high quality medical care.

5. Shiseido Japan Co., Ltd.

By analyzing the large amount of data, we have accumulated so far, we have focused on the latent desires of the elderly, and have newly developed cosmetic therapy for the elderly at 100,000 facilities nationwide, as well as lectures on cosmetic therapy. I’m here. By going directly to meet people who do not come to the store and telling them about cosmetic therapy, we are able to bring out their self-confidence and motivation for life.

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