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The conditions for healthy skin are NO tanning and moisturizing! Care methods for beautiful skin

Healthy and beautiful skin makes a good impression on people.

However, what do you think are the conditions for healthy and beautiful skin in the first place?

If you know the necessary conditions to keep your skin healthy and take care of it accordingly, you can get bare skin that shines not only on the surface but also from the inside!

This time, we will introduce you to the conditions of healthy skin and how to care for healthy skin.

What are the conditions for healthy skin? what condition is best?

In order to achieve healthy skin, it is important to first understand the structure of the skin.

The skin has a three-layer structure, consisting of the outermost epidermis, the underlying dermis, and the underlying subcutaneous tissue.

The “epidermis” and “dermis” are the most important for achieving beautiful skin.


The epidermis is divided into 4 layers.

The outermost layer is called the “stratum corneum”, and this stratum corneum has a water retention capacity that prevents water from evaporating and plays an important role in protecting the skin’s moisture.


The dermis, which is the foundation of the skin, is a part with many collagens that keeps the skin firm and capillaries that carry nutrients to the epidermis.

So, what are the conditions for healthy skin?

It refers to the following skin conditions:

・The skin has elasticity and firmness

・Moist and moist

・Transparent without dullness and good complexion

・Pores are inconspicuous, smooth and well-textured

To achieve this ideal skin condition,

“Not tanned”

“Well hydrated”

These two points are very important!

Daily effort is important! Care methods to meet the requirements of healthy skin

In order to aim for healthy skin, it is important to take daily care to keep the skin “not tanned” and “well-moisturized”.

How to care for skin that is difficult to tan and skin that is easy to recover from sunburn

At first glance, tanned skin looks healthy and beautiful, but it should not be over-baked.

When exposed to UV rays and sunburned, melanin pigment is produced and causes pigmentation that darkens the skin.

In addition, UV rays reach deep into the skin to the dermis, creating active oxygen inside the skin and destroying the ingredients that give the skin elasticity, such as collagen and elastin…!

It leads to skin aging such as wrinkles and sagging.

By keeping your skin in a condition where it is not tanned in the sun, you can achieve healthy, beautiful skin with plenty of collagen and firmness and elasticity.

It is not possible to change the amount of melanin pigment in the body, but it is possible to make the skin resistant to sunburn through daily care.

get a good night’s sleep

For sunburn, it is important to smoothly perform skin turnover (a cycle in which skin cells are reborn).

By going to bed early and getting up early, the body recovers and promotes the secretion of growth hormone, which supports skin turnover.

drink sunscreen

By ingesting supplements, it is possible to block ultraviolet rays from the body.

When working outdoors such as leisure activities increases, try to take supplements as soon as possible.

beautiful skin care

Let’s incorporate whitening skin care such as serum and sheet mask.

A massage will promote blood circulation, and you can aim for even more firm and glossy skin.

How to care for well-moisturized skin

The key to healthy and beautiful skin is to keep it well moisturized.

By properly moisturizing the skin, it supplements sebum, natural moisturizing factors, and intercellular properties, which are factors that make up the skin’s barrier function, and protects the skin from external stimuli and dryness.

By properly moisturizing, the condition of the stratum corneum is good, and the skin becomes healthy with a well-balanced moisture and oil content!

Use in combination with a moisturizer

The moisturizing effect is further enhanced by using a combination of moisturizers.

“Toner” replenishes water to the stratum corneum, “moisturizing serum” replenishes moisturizing ingredients, “emulsion” maintains moisture and moisturizing ingredients in the stratum corneum, and “cream” suppresses transpiration of moisture on the surface of the skin. has a role.

Each has a different role, so it is basic but very important to use moisturizing agents repeatedly.

I don’t like it to be sticky in hot weather, so I want to finish with just lotion, but no!

If you do not cover it tightly, it will not be moisturizing.

Gently cleanse and rinse thoroughly

To keep the skin moisturized, it is important to protect the sebum film and prevent the stratum corneum from drying out.

It is strictly prohibited to rub the skin carelessly, such as scrubbing the face.

As a result, the stratum corneum is damaged and the moisture of the skin is lost, which leads to dry skin.

When washing your face, lather the face wash well and wash gently without rubbing with the foam.

It is also important to thoroughly remove the cleanser with lukewarm water so that no facial cleanser remains.

Moisturize immediately after washing face and bathing

After washing your face or taking a bath, your skin can become very dry, so it is important to moisturize your skin as soon as possible.

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