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Health Policy Bureau/Insurance Bureau/Health Bureau to protect the health of all people

Aiming for “ideal medicine”

How do people feel when they or someone they care about is sick? Many people may have a desire to be cured of their illness and continue working, or to be with their families until the end, even though they feel sadness and anxiety. Therefore, there are high expectations for medicine. We will realize the ideal medical care for each and every citizen by all means, such as optimizing the balance between doctors and hospital functions, implementing effective medical care using the latest technology, and promoting the pharmaceutical industry.

Support local life

Many people wish to continue living with their family and friends in the area where they are accustomed to living even if they become ill. There are times when such wishes cannot be fulfilled due to issues such as the lack of In the future, as the population ages, more and more people are likely to face such a reality. For this reason, how to develop various medical care such as acute care and rehabilitation, how to secure clinics that provide home care, and how to correct the bias of doctors in specific areas.

Work style reform for doctors

As work style reform progresses throughout society, it is important to reduce the burden on doctors, who have become the norm for long working hours. Therefore, we will review the division of roles between doctors and other specialists working at medical institutions (task shift/task share), and support for hospital management reforms to reduce working hours for doctors and ensure regional medical care. I am considering. This is a reform that will have a major impact not only on doctors throughout Japan, but also on regional medical care.

Promoting innovation in the pharmaceutical and medical device industries

one of the few countries where new drugs are created, and with its state-of-the-art manufacturing technology, the pharmaceutical and medical device industries are expected to play an important role in future economic growth. In recent years, in order to support venture companies that play an important role in connecting advanced science and technology to the creation of innovative pharmaceuticals, etc., we provide consultation on issues that medical ventures face at each stage of development, formulate business strategies, etc. We are providing support, etc.

In addition, we continue to take on challenges for the development of the pharmaceutical and medical device industries, such as promoting the safe use of so-called “real-world data” such as medical record data, and concentrating on improving the development environment for innovative products. increase.

International expansion of Japanese medical care

We are disseminating Japanese medical care to the world and contributing to the improvement of medical standards in overseas countries. In cooperation with 25 countries, we are implementing projects centered on policy formulation support and human resource development. The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare is working as a “bridge” between Japan and the world in the field of medical care and health. also plays a role. The results of our efforts to date are beginning to appear in various forms, such as the improvement of cancer treatment technology and the spread of health checkups.

Disaster medical care provision system

For Japan, which is prone to natural disasters such as earthquakes and typhoons, it is essential to have a medical system that can adequately respond to disasters in order to protect the lives of its citizens. And in recent years, when we have been hit by a series of major disasters, the importance of this has increased even more. For this reason, in addition to working on the development of “disaster base hospitals” that will play a central role in the region in the event of a disaster, training of disaster relief medical teams (DMAT), etc., we will work closely with related organizations and prefectures in the event of a disaster. Together, we will do our utmost to support the stable operation of hospitals and the securing of medical supplies.

Passing on a world-class medical insurance system to future generations

In Japan, universal health insurance was achieved 60 years ago, in which the entire population shares the medical risks that anyone can face, and with a single health insurance card, everyone can receive necessary medical care anytime, anywhere. increase. The medical insurance system, which is now familiar and commonplace for the people, is facing various issues such as the balance between medical needs and cost burden in anticipation of an era of 100-year lifespans. It is our mission to constantly think of all possible measures to firmly maintain the world’s leading universal health care system and make it sustainable into the future.

Building a sustainable health insurance system

Through universal health insurance, all citizens in Japan can receive the necessary medical care equally in the event of illness or injury, regardless of their income level. rice field.

However, in recent years, due to the aging of the population and the sophistication of medical care, etc., medical expenses have increased., the burden on the working generation is increasing.

While maintaining universal health insurance, which guarantees people’s livelihoods, into the future, it is necessary to revise it in line with the times so that all generations can be satisfied.

The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare is working to strengthen the financial foundation of the National Health Insurance system and strengthen mutual support among employees’ insurance in order to prioritize and improve efficiency in medical care, equalize the burden between and within generations, and stabilize the system. We are working on reforms, such as efforts to promote equality of the burden on citizens, and efforts to create a system that encourages individuals and insurers to promote prevention and health promotion so that each citizen can improve their own health.

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